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Pan'an Wetland

Urban Park and Landscape Design for Yawen Duan

Pan'an Wetland Park design takes water as the core, pays attention to the possibility of wetland landscape infiltrating culture, life, and natural attributes, and constructs a spatial functional system serving contemporary urban and rural cultural life. Foresighted use of the collapse to form a vast water surface, through the use of plants to conserve water and purify the soil, after 8 years of landscape restoration process, not only reappearing farming civilization, but also connects modern urban life and Promoted the revitalization of surrounding villages and urban transformation.

Yawen Duan 2021 Agency Silver Press Kit № 111605

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Pan  039 an Wetland by Yawen Duan
Pan 039 an Wetland by Yawen Duan

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Urban Park and Landscape Design by Yawen Duan
Urban Park and Landscape Design by Yawen Duan

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Yawen Duan Pan  039 an Wetland
Yawen Duan Pan 039 an Wetland

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Yawen Duan Urban Park and Landscape Design
Yawen Duan Urban Park and Landscape Design

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Unique Properties

Pan'an Lake National Wetland Park is located in Jiawang District, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province. The original intention of the construction was a comprehensive renovation project for ecological restoration and transformation of the Jiawang coal mining subsidence area, and then gradually developed into a collection of ecological wetland, cultural landscape, recreation and entertainment, and science education functions. All in one comprehensive scenic spot.


Pit, protect and repair the eco-environment, Wetland Park

Production Technology

The project insists on the combination of subsided land remediation and ecological restoration. Soil is the foundation for all natural habitats, so the first step to awaken this land is to restore the vitality of the soil: the project comprehensively analyzes the different conditions of the subsidence area, such as soil type, structure, stability, and depth of water accumulation, and mainly uses it for the land Soil reconstruction techniques such as "digging high and filling low, digging deep and filling shallow, stripping of cultivated layer, and layered staggered backfilling" were used to transform soil to restore soil fertility; and the Bulao River and Tuntou River that run through the north and south, forming circulating water The water system provides continuous nourishment of the wetlands and maximizes the purification effect of the wetlands on urban water quality. Then use the purification and ecological functions of plants to gradually restore biodiversity, create a healthy ecosystem, and adopt a hierarchical structure for protection in the overall plan: the outer control area is mainly agricultural forest land to form a natural base, and in the core area establish wetland conservation areas to ensure the sustainable ecological effects of the park.

Design Challenge

Due to coal mining for many years, most of the land in the Jiawang District where the project is located has long suffered from foundation collapse, pits and ponds, overgrown grass, and harsh environment, which left a heavy historical wound on the local area. This also indicates that the ecological restoration of the coal mining subsidence area in Pan'an Lake Wetland Park is an extremely long process. The project adopts the form of green spreading of landscape to reconstruct the ecological environment, and the use of vegetation, water system and other natural methods to purify and restore is undoubtedly the most sustainable way and greatly saves construction costs. However, the operation and management of wetlands still require long-term investment of manpower and material resources. For Jia Wang, Pan’an Lake Wetland Park is a large-scale investment project in history. Despite government support, the funding gap is still large. In order to ensure the normal implementation of the project, Jiawang District has overcome numerous obstacles and broadened financing channels, which has brought the overall assets and operation of the wetland park into a virtuous circle.

Project Duration

The project started in January 2011 in Xuzhou and finished in August 2011. The total planned area is 52.89 square kilometers, including 16 square kilometers of the core area.

Operation Flow

The project takes the wetland ecosystem as the core of the design and creates two types of ecological spaces: water and land: by linking north and south water systems to form criss-crossing water spaces with various scales, aquatic plants embellish and shelter to outline the spatial relationship and attract birds. Created the graceful aquatic which people can go boating through it. The land space uses native plants to form a planting structure of arbor, shrub and grass communities, adopting the usual natural and wild plant landscape matching form of the wetland park, and at the same time, the space is dense and artistic. The 1-km-long zigzag wooden plank road runs through the water and land space, and a bird watching platform is set up to fully realize the interaction between man and nature. The project establishes the connection between man, nature and local culture, reproduces the ancient charm of Jiangnan architecture and folk customs in northern Jiangsu, shows the cultural heritage of Pan’an, develops tourism and vacation, homestays, ecological health care, improves wetland amusement services, and makes the park truly a city The carrier of public activities.


From the perspective of practical verification, the design is based on the original intention of restoring the ecological environment of the collapsed area, seeking sustainable development and harmony between nature, culture and life on the site. The process of landscape design and restoration is carried out by linking water systems, soil modification, vegetation coverage and other means to create a wetland landscape with water as the core, and to carry out plank road viewing, boat cruises, fruit picking, animal observation, etc. according to time and place Activities make people fully interact with nature. At the same time, with the theme of rural activities, leisure experience, and production return, the construction of traditional architecture is reproduced, the folk customs of the local villages, the development of homestay, tourism, ecological health care and other industries, arouse homesickness, build a complete wetland service system, and achieve considerable You can have fun. Therefore, it can be said that Pan’an Lake Wetland Park is a landscape that naturally grows from the land. After 8 years of development, it has successfully driven the industrial transformation of Jiawang District after coal mine resources have been exhausted, and has also formed good ecological and social benefits.


The value of the project is that it has implemented the concept of sustainable development for the wetland park eight years ago. It is not about overthrowing, stripping and rebuilding, but after completing the transformation of the soil, using the absorption and purification effect of plants to spread it in green The form gradually covers the site with the landscape, purifies the environment, repairs the devastating damage to the land.

Project Overview

Pan'an Wetland Urban Park and Landscape Design has been a Silver winner in the Landscape Planning and Garden Design award category in the year 2020 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Silver A' Design Award celebrates top-tier designs that embody excellence and innovation. This award acknowledges creations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, reflecting the designer's deep understanding and skill. Silver A' Design Award recipients are recognized for their contribution to raising industry standards and advancing the practice of design. Their work often incorporates original innovations and elicits a strong emotional response, making a notable impact on the improvement of everyday life.

Image Credits

For design images and photos please credit Yawen Duan.

 Award Logo
Silver Recognition

Yawen Duan was recognized with the coveted Silver A' Design Award in 2021, a testament to excellence of their work Pan'an Wetland Urban Park and Landscape Design.

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Pan'an Wetland Park: A Sustainable Transformation Project in Xuzhou City

Yawen Duan's Urban Park and Landscape Design Transforms Jiawang District's Ecological Landscape

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