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Magnificent Designers
Magnificent Designers

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Design Legends

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Designer Interviews

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Design Interviews
Design Interviews

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Millo One Blender
Millo One

Blender for Millo Applainces

Millo Appliances 2020 Startup Golden
1x1 Urban Furniture System

Urban Furniture System for MA projects

Mykolas Seckus and Antonio Gandolfo 2020 Academic Golden
Coast Whale Chapel
Coast Whale

Chapel for Zhang Jinyu

Zhang Jinyu 2020 Professional Golden
Gearing International School of Debrecen

International School of Debrecen for ISD - International School of Debrecen

BORD Architectural Studio 2020 Enterprise Golden
ZhuZi Art Book
ZhuZi Art

Book for ZHUZI Art Center

ALICE XI ZONG 2020 Professional Golden
Yuntu Banquet Restaurant

Banquet Restaurant for Yuntu

Shang Cai 2020 Professional Golden
Portugal Vineyards Retail Space
Portugal Vineyards

Retail Space for Porto Architects

Ricardo Porto Ferreira 2020 Professional Golden
Reverse Clock

Clock for Mattice Boets

Mattice Boets 2019 Emergent Golden
Brooklyn Laundreel Laundry belt indoor
Brooklyn Laundreel

Laundry belt indoor for Material World

Tomohiro Horibe 2018 Professional Golden
Blooming Folding Eyewear

Folding Eyewear for Sonja Iglic

Sonja Iglic 2018 Professional Golden
Sestetto Speaker Orchestra

Speaker Orchestra for Produzione IMpropria

Stefano Ivan Scarascia 2017 Professional Golden
Eves Weapon Collier
Eves Weapon

Collier for Brittas Schmiede

Britta Schwalm 2016 Professional Golden
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