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Fushan Ecological Greenway Design
A' Landscape Planning and Garden Design Award

Explore landscape planning designs, garden designs, public park designs, residential garden designs, urban landscape designs, botanical garden designs, landscape architecture, green space designs, rooftop gardens, terrace gardens, courtyard designs, eco-friendly l...

Discover Product Excellence 2023 Cat #62 Landscape Design
Xijiajia Ai Digital Human
A' Computer Graphics, 3D Modeling, Texturing, and Rendering Design Award

Explore computer graphics design, 3d modeling, texturing, rendering innovation, digital art, character design, game design, architectural visualization, virtual reality, augmented reality, animation, motion graphics, 3d printing design, special effects, scientific...

Discover Visualization Excellence 2023 Cat #13 Computer Graphics
Deji Cultural Complex Museum
A' Interior Space, Retail and Exhibition Design Award

Explore interior space design, retail store design, exhibition design, gallery spaces, showroom designs, museum exhibitions, pop-up stores, trade show booths, restaurant interiors, cafe interiors, hotel lobbies, spa and wellness centers, nightclub and bar interior...

Discover Design Excellence 2023 Cat #8 Interior
Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus Large Portable Energy Storage
A' Energy Products, Projects and Devices Design Award

Explore energy product designs, solar panels, wind turbines, hydroelectric generators, bioenergy systems, geothermal energy systems, energy storage devices, energy-efficient appliances, energy-saving devices, smart energy systems, energy management systems, altern...

Discover Sustainable Energy 2023 Cat #58 Energy
Florasis Gold Filigree Love Lock Lipstick
A' Luxury Design Award

Explore luxury design, high-end furniture, premium packaging, opulent architecture, exclusive fashion apparel, lavish lighting fixtures, luxury automotive design, upscale product design, extravagant interior design, premium jewelry design, high-end watch design, l...

Discover Luxury Excellence 2023 Cat #83 Luxury
Portal Beoplay Advertising Campaign
A' Movie, Video and Animation Design Award

Explore movie design, video production, animation creation, short films, documentaries, feature films, music videos, promotional videos, educational animations, 3D modeling, stop motion animation, virtual reality experiences, augmented reality applications, video ...

Discover Cinematic Experience 2023 Cat #17 Movie
Galaxy Light Concept Car
A' Car and Land Based Motor Vehicles Design Award

Explore car design, car innovation, electric cars, hybrid cars, sports cars, sedans, suvs, off-road cars, autonomous cars, concept cars, luxury cars, utility cars, commercial vehicles, taxi, armored cars, eco-friendly cars, car interior design, car exterior design...

Discover Industrial Excellence 2023 Cat #67 Car
Eureka Lounge Chair
A' Furniture Design Award

Explore furniture design innovation, sofas, chairs, tables, beds, wardrobes, cabinets, office furniture, outdoor furniture, children's furniture, bar furniture, storage units, modular furniture, accent pieces, furniture sets, eco-friendly furniture, custom fu...

Discover Furniture Excellence 2023 Cat #1 Furniture
109 Pro Headphone
A' Audio and Sound Equipment Design Award

Explore audio and sound equipment design, headphones, speakers, sound bars, microphones, audio interfaces, turntables, amplifiers, sound mixers, recorders, dj equipment, portable audio, wireless audio systems, home theater systems, car audio systems, studio monito...

Discover Audio Excellence 2023 Cat #37 Audio Products
Pure Advance Flex Electric Scooter
A' Scooter Design Award

Explore scooter designs, kick scooters, electric scooters, motor scooters, folding scooters, off-road scooters, racing scooters, stunt scooters, electric mopeds, self-balancing scooters, personal transporters, longboard scooters, hoverboards, unicycles, e-bikes, t...

Discover Scooter Innovation 2023 Cat #172 Scooter
The Shape of Old Memory Womenswear Collection
A' Fashion, Apparel and Garment Design Award

Explore fashion, apparel and garment design, dresses, suits, gowns, coats, jackets, haute couture, ready-to-wear collections, sportswear, swimwear, lingerie, children's wear, maternity wear, uniforms, business attire, casual wear, formal wear, bridal wear, et...

Discover Fashion Trendsetting 2023 Cat #4 Fashion
Guo Cui Wu Du Chinese Baijiu
A' Packaging Design Award

Explore packaging design, cosmetics packaging, food packaging, beverage packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, sustainable packaging, luxury packaging, child-resistant packaging, flexible packaging, rigid packaging, electronic product packaging, personal care packag...

Discover Packaging Technology 2023 Cat #2 Packaging
Epichust Smart Workshop Operation Platform
A' Interface, Interaction and User Experience Design Award

Explore interface design, interaction design, user experience design, mobile app interfaces, website design, software interfaces, virtual reality interfaces, augmented reality interfaces, game interfaces, dashboard design, wearable tech interfaces, voice user inte...

Discover Best User Experience 2023 Cat #10 Interface
Blooming Blossom Multiwear Jewelry
A' Jewelry Design Award

Explore jewelry designs, rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches, pendants, anklets, tiaras, hair jewelry, body chains, charm jewelry, bespoke jewelry, gemstone jewelry, metalwork jewelry, cultural and traditional jewelry, bridal jewelry, men's jewelr...

Discover Jewelry Excellence 2023 Cat #49 Jewelry
Chengdu Hyperlane Park Retail Architecture
A' City Planning and Urban Design Award

Explore city planning designs, urban design innovations, public spaces, parks, city squares, residential developments, commercial complexes, transportation hubs, city skyline designs, waterfront developments, sustainable city designs, urban regeneration projects, ...

Discover Strategic Design 2023 Cat #63 Urban Planning
Tensegrity Deployable Sensor for Disaster Area
A' Product Engineering and Technical Design Award

Explore product engineering designs, technical designs, consumer electronics, automotive designs, industrial machinery, medical equipment, aerospace designs, robotic systems, wearable technology, renewable energy products, agricultural machinery, construction equi...

Discover Engineering Excellence 2022 Cat #15 Engineering
Lavazza Classy Plus Coffee Machine
A' Home Appliances Design Award

Explore home appliance designs, refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, coffee machines, toasters, blenders, food processors, electric grills, slow cookers, juicers, stand mixers, water purifiers, air pur...

Discover Leading Technology 2022 Cat #11 Home Appliance
Better Bodies Hi Brand Identity
A' Graphics, Illustration and Visual Communication Design Award

Explore graphics design, illustration, visual communication design, logo design, typography, poster design, book cover design, album cover design, infographic design, animation, motion graphics, brand identity, web design, app interface design, digital art, comic ...

Discover Graphics Excellence 2022 Cat #12 Graphic
Enduro2 Electric MotoBike
A' Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design Award

Explore vehicle design, mobility innovations, transportation systems, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, trucks, buses, trains, boats, aircrafts, electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles, hybrid vehicles, concept vehicles, racing vehicles, off-road vehicles, commercial ve...

Discover Leading Technology 2022 Cat #9 Vehicle
Chengdu NBD Centre Architecture
A' Architecture, Building and Structure Design Award

Explore architecture design, residential architecture, commercial architecture, skyscrapers, hotels, bridges, museums, schools, hospitals, shopping malls, stadiums, airport terminals, apartment complexes, libraries, theatres, office buildings, building innovations...

Discover Architectural Excellence 2022 Cat #3 Architecture
Unream Voxel Printed Lamp
A' 3D Printed Forms and Products Design Award

Explore 3d printed forms and product designs, 3d printed jewelry, 3d printed furniture, 3d printed medical devices, 3d printed architectural models, 3d printed fashion accessories, 3d printed toys, 3d printed automotive parts, 3d printed prosthetics, 3d printed ki...

Discover 3D Excellence 2020 Cat #97 3D Printing
Catzz Cat Bed
A' Pet Care, Toys, Supplies and Products for Animals Design Award

Explore pet care product design, pet toys, pet food supplies, animal grooming products, pet carriers, pet beds, pet clothing, pet collars and leashes, pet feeding and watering supplies, pet health supplies, pet waste disposal products, pet training aids, bird cage...

Discover Product Excellence 2020 Cat #47 Pet Care
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