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At design|newsroom, we are committed to providing media professionals with the resources they need to tell compelling design stories. Our content is ideal for those creating content, looking to enrich their stories with high-quality design resources. To access these exclusive press kits, please review our accreditation criteria below.

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Benefits of Accreditation

  • Unlimited access to high-resolution images, high-quality photographs, texts and comprehensive press kits.
  • Pre-made interviews and insights from award-winning designers, ready-to use rich media for your content creation.
  • Opportunities to publish articles and earn exclusive benefits such as free nomination tickets, media kits and gifts.

Accreditation Steps

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Sun Shed Renovation
Sun Shed

Renovation for Mix Architecture

Ziye Wu 2020 Agency Golden
Guilin Exhibition Center

Exhibition Center for Tengyuan Design

Tengyuan Design 2020 Agency Golden
Borgio Verezzi Residential Bulding
Borgio Verezzi

Residential Bulding for Exacta Engenharia

Torres Arquitetos 2020 Agency Golden
Starry Town of Fuxian Lake Public Space
Starry Town of Fuxian Lake

Public Space for MadeMake Architects

MadeMake Architects 2020 Agency Golden
Nankai LiangJiang Secondary School
Nankai LiangJiang

Secondary School for Chongqing Liangjiang New Area Real Estate Development Co.Ltd

gad 2020 Enterprise Golden
House On Pipes Weekend Getaway
House On Pipes

Weekend Getaway for Parallax

PARALLAX 2020 Agency Golden
Best in Black Multi Unit Housing
Best in Black

Multi Unit Housing for Valdez Arquitectos

Fernando Valdez 2020 Professional Golden
Yuzhou Langting Mansion Exhibition Center
Yuzhou Langting Mansion

Exhibition Center for Tengyuan Design

Tengyuan Design 2020 Agency Golden
BaseCamp Lyngby Student Housing
BaseCamp Lyngby

Student Housing for BaseCamp Student

Lars Gitz Architects 2020 Agency Golden
Rizhao Ocean Park

Ocean Park for Tengyuan Design

Tengyuan Design 2020 Agency Golden
Yuexiang Lake Exhibition Center
Yuexiang Lake

Exhibition Center for Tengyuan Design

Tengyuan Design 2020 Agency Golden
Crestridge Residence Single Family Home
Crestridge Residence

Single Family Home for Colega Architects

Colega Architects 2020 Agency Golden
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