Mobility Solution
Surge S32

Mobility Solution for Surge EV

Surge S32 seamlessly transforms between a two wheeler and a three wheeler in 3 minutes. It's the world's pioneer Class changing vehicle, adaptable to any surface, be it mud, pebbles, sand, and more. Plus, it automatically customizes the user interface and controls based on the vehicle type with 3 buttons, empowering individual users to effortlessly switch between vehicles. Drawing inspiration from horses, Surge tackles core mobility challenges by offering multipurpose and modular vehicles.

Surge, Hero Motocorp 2024 Enterprise Platinum Press Kit № 159855

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Surge EV by Surge  Hero Motocorp
Surge EV by Surge Hero Motocorp

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Mobility Solution by Surge  Hero Motocorp
Mobility Solution by Surge Hero Motocorp

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Surge  Hero Motocorp Surge EV
Surge Hero Motocorp Surge EV

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Surge  Hero Motocorp Mobility Solution
Surge Hero Motocorp Mobility Solution

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Surge EVBrand Logo
Surge EVBrand Logo

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Unique Properties

1. Product Brief - SURGE S32 is a unique mobility solution, It can transform between a Two-wheeler & a Three-wheeler in 3 minutes. 2. Uniqueness - Surge S32 is the world's First Class changing vehicle. 3. Features - A) The conversion can be performed on any surface i.e. Mud, Pabbles, sand, etc. B) The vehicle automatically customizes the User interface & controls as per the vehicle type (Two or Three-wheeler). C) A single user can perform the conversion by operating 3 Buttons


Surge EV, Surge S32, Surgeahead, Hero Surge

Project Duration

The project started in Sept. 2018 and the Vehicle was unveiled on 23rd Jan 2024, product videos received 250 Million views on social Media. The project was carried out in New Delhi India.

Operation Flow

The conversion between Three-wheeler & Two-Wheeler can be performed by 3 Buttons. The user is required to press the buttons sequentially to perform the next step. Three Wheeler to Two Wheeler conversion Step - 1 Press the Ichange switch Step -2 Press Detach Switch Step -3 Open the windscreen Step - 4 Pull the Scooter Out Step -5 Press Two-wheeler Retraction switch Step -6 Pull Out Two Wheeler Drive Away


In ancient times, horses were the primary source of commute. People could customize their vehicles through the attachments like carts, barouches, wagons, etc. With the advent of Automobiles single-purpose & customised vehicles came into use. Surge Takes inspiration from the past & uses technology from the future to Craft unique mobility solutions. The modularity of Surge S32 is a stepping stone to bring the multipurposeness back into mobility.

Project Overview

Surge S32 Mobility Solution has been a Platinum winner in the Vehicle, Mobility and Transportation Design award category in the year 2023 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Platinum A' Design Award is recognized for honoring designs that stand at the forefront of creativity and innovation. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the A' Design Awards, acknowledging works that blend remarkable innovation with impactful societal contributions. These designs not only showcase exceptional artistic and technical proficiency but also highlight their creators' commitment to advancing the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Recipients of this award are celebrated for their role in shaping the aesthetics and trends of our time, contributing significantly to the enhancement of quality of life and promoting sustainable development.

Image Credits

For design images and photos please credit Surge, Hero Motocorp.

 Award Logo
Platinum Recognition

Surge, Hero Motocorp was recognized with the coveted Platinum A' Design Award in 2024, a testament to excellence of their work Surge S32 Mobility Solution.

Surge, Hero Motocorp Newsroom

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