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A good design work will arouse people's emotion. The designer jumps out of the traditional style memory and puts a new experience in the magnificent and futuristic space structure. An immersive environmentalism experience hall is built through the careful placement of artistic installations, clear movement of space and decorative surface paved by materials and colors. Being in it is not only a return to nature, but also a beneficial journey.

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Feiliyundi by Weimo Feng
Feiliyundi by Weimo Feng

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Sales Center by Weimo Feng
Sales Center by Weimo Feng

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Weimo Feng Feiliyundi
Weimo Feng Feiliyundi

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Weimo Feng Sales Center
Weimo Feng Sales Center

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MODBrand Logo
MODBrand Logo

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We ensure Feiliyundi is globally understood with translations available in these languages: Sölumiðstöð IS, פארקויפונג צענטער YI, Il Centro Di Vendita IT, Ile-Iṣẹ Tita YO, セールスセンター JA, Isikhungo Sokuthengisa ZU, Pusat Dodolan JV, 銷售中心 ZY, ಮಾರಾಟ ಕೇಂದ್ರವು KN, Ang Sales Center CEB, Сату Орталығы KK, Ke Kikowaena Kūleʻa HAW, មជ្ឈមណ្ឌលលក់ KM, Chaw Muag Khoom HMN, Ikigo Cyo Kugurisha RW, Соода Борбору KY, 판매 센터 KO, Navenda Firotanê KU, Sales Centrum LA, Verkafszenter LB, ສູນຂາຍ LO, Pardavimo Centras LT, Tirdzniecības Centrs LV, Продажен Центар MK, Ny Foibe Fivarotana MG, Pusat Penjualan MS, വിൽപ്പന കേന്ദ്രം ML, Ċentru Tal-Bejgħ MT, Ko Te Pokapū Hoko MI, विक्री केंद्र MR, Борлуулалтын Төв MN, बिक्री केन्द्र NE, Salgssenter NO, ବିକ୍ରୟ କେନ୍ଦ୍ର OR, Verkoopsentrum AF, ਵਿਕਰੀ ਕੇਂਦਰ PA, Qendra E Shitjeve SQ, مرکز فروش FA, የሽያጭ ማዕከል AM, Centrum Sprzedaży PL, مركز المبيعات AR, د پلور مرکز PS, O Centro De Vendas PT, Վաճառքի Կենտրոնը HY, Satış Mərkəzi AZ, Centrul De Vânzare RO, Salmenta Zentroa EU, Центр Продаж RU, Гандлёвы Цэнтр BE, سيلز سينٽر SD, বিক্রয় কেন্দ্র BN, Faatau Fale SM, Продајни Центар SR, Prodajni Centar BS, Търговският Център BG, Tha Ionad Reic GD, အရောင်းစင်တာ MY, Nzvimbo Yekutengesa SN, El Centre De Vendes CA, විකුණුම් මධ්‍යස්ථානය SI, Malo Ogulitsira NY, Obchodné Centrum SK, 销售中心 ZH, Prodajni Center SL, U Centru Di Vendita CO, Xarunta Iibintu SO, Prodajni Centar HR, Setsi Sa Thekiso ST, El Centro De Ventas ES, Prodejní Centrum CS, Salgscenter DA, Pusat Penjualan SU, Verkoopcentrum NL, Kituo Cha Mauzo SW, Vendocentro EO, Försäljningscenter SV, Müügikeskus ET, விற்பனை மையம் TA, Myyntikeskus FI, అమ్మకపు కేంద్రం TE, Le Centre De Vente FR, Маркази Фурӯш TG, O Centro De Vendas GL, ศูนย์ขาย TH, გაყიდვების ცენტრი KA, Satuw Merkezi TK, Verkaufszentrum DE, Sales Center TL, Το Κέντρο Πωλήσεων EL, Satış Merkezi TR, વેચાણ કેન્દ્ર GU, Сату Үзәге TT, Sales Center EN, Sant Lavant HT, سېتىش مەركىزى UG, Cibiyar Tallace-Tallace HA, Торговий Центр UK, فروخت کا مرکز UR, מרכז מכירות HE, बिक्री केंद्र HI, Savdo Markazi UZ, Értékesítési Központ HU, Trung Tâm Bán Hàng VI, Pusat Penjualan ID, Mae Canolfan Werthu CY, Ionad Díolacháin GA, Ferkeapsintrum FY, Ebe IG, Iziko Lokuthengisa XH.

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Unique Properties

The use of a modern feeling across the floor infinite circulation of the curve modeling, mold the relationship between the floor and room, so that the more levels and memory points, the coherence modeling as the core of the space, the unique high-quality design is designed by combining the space feeling and the functional requirement. Through the model and the construction site research and development, determine the construction process, to achieve the desired results.


Sustainable design, Experience, Revelations, Infinite space, Taicang

Production Technology

Art paint, terrazzo, jade green stone, artificial stone

Design Challenge

In the design, how to break through the traditional selling in the limited space and how to deal with the relationship between floor height and empty, and create a high-quality, situational experience on the basis of modern. It is the challenge point of this design, and the main challenge in construction lies in the production of special-shaped metal, etc.

Project Duration

The project started in January 2019 in New Taicang Science and education city, China and finished in July 2019 in New Taicang Science and education city, China.

Operation Flow

The use of modern cross floor infinite cycle of arc shape, fuzzy floor relations, so the more hierarchical and memory points, the consistency of the shape as the core of the space block, the space experience and functional needs of mutual integration and superposition, belongs to the only high-quality design of the project.


The project is located next to Tianjing Lake in Taicang City. It is a three-story building built on the slope. It is used as a sales exhibition center in the early stage and a community activity center for the residents in the later stage. The designer hopes to adhere to the design concept of green and environmental protection, achieve the function of zero demolition to change the space, and at the same time, "go to the sales office" to do more WYSIWYG design.


The infinite possibility of life is the starting point of our inspiration. We hope to use abstract elements to express our infinite yearning for life and infinite possibility for the future. Sales office is no longer just a single display function,here is a dream of the place,it should be both shape and spirit,from inside to outside are emitting a kind of attraction.It should be immersive enough that people get the message in a short time,think about life in the experience,and act on it.

Image Credits

Photographer: Hongfei Zhao

Project Overview

Feiliyundi Sales Center has been a Platinum winner in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design award category in the year 2019 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Platinum A' Design Award is recognized for honoring designs that stand at the forefront of creativity and innovation. It is the highest accolade bestowed by the A' Design Awards, acknowledging works that blend remarkable innovation with impactful societal contributions. These designs not only showcase exceptional artistic and technical proficiency but also highlight their creators' commitment to advancing the boundaries of art, science, design, and technology. Recipients of this award are celebrated for their role in shaping the aesthetics and trends of our time, contributing significantly to the enhancement of quality of life and promoting sustainable development.

 Award Logo
Platinum Recognition

Weimo Feng was recognized with the coveted Platinum A' Design Award in 2020, a testament to excellence of their work Feiliyundi Sales Center.

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Feiliyundi Sales Center: A Futuristic and Immersive Design Experience

Weimo Feng's Feiliyundi Sales Center in Taicang, China, is a visionary space that redefines the traditional sales office, offering an immersive and environmentally conscious experience for visitors. The project, awarded Platinum in A' Interior Space, Retail, and Exhibition Design Award in 2020, sets new standards in design innovation and functionality.

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