Push Collection

Armchair for Moredesign

In the genesis of this project there is certainly a strong minimalist influence together with an attempt to support a conscious environment-friendly way of living. The armchair design has been reduced to a minimum in order to lay bare the essence of the elements. The materials chosen are aluminium for the frame (100 percent recyclable) and PET (obtained from plastic bottles) for the upholstery. Its purpose rests not in aesthetic intricacy, but usability and sustainability.

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Push Collection by Alessandro Morello
Push Collection by Alessandro Morello

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Armchair by Alessandro Morello
Armchair by Alessandro Morello

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Alessandro Morello Push Collection
Alessandro Morello Push Collection

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Alessandro Morello Armchair
Alessandro Morello Armchair

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MoredesignBrand Logo

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Unique Properties

It’s a project that doesn’t look at the design as a pure creative expression, but rather identifies an essential and indispensable factor into sustainability. The armchair is made up of two materials: aluminium for the frame, a 100% recyclable material, and technical fabrics for the upholstery obtained from the recycling of PET. Another main feature is its modular aspect which allows to obtain more items with the same few elements.


chair, armchair, seating, sofa, stool, aluminium, design, furniture design

Production Technology

The whole collection is made up of 2 materials: die-cast and extruded aluminium for the frame, while for the upholstery has been identified technical fabric obtained from PET recycling (plastic bottles) with high technical characteristics.

Design Challenge

Finding a technical solution capable of merge at the highest-level aesthetic, comfort and sustainability, which would also allow the creation of multiple items using few basic elements. Starting from the seat’s frame and replacing some parts, could be obtained 4 items: chair, armchair, stool and two-seater armchair.

Project Duration

The project started in October 2019 and finished in March 2021. Padova Italy


The initial goal of the project was to do a visually light armchair approaching the concept of minimalism. The aim was to remove all that was useless in order to find the right aesthetic balance, thus enhancing the product essence. The sustainability was the other goal. The aluminium together with the upholstery made of recycled PET guarantee the necessary sustainability and robustness features. All this, together with its modular aspect, translates into a substantial saving of production resources and to the consequent reduction of investment costs.


In the genesis of this project there is certainly a strong minimalist influence. The idea that Moredesign tried to translate into form concerns exactly the reduction of the armchair design to a minimum in order to lay bare the essence of the elements. A representative example of this purpose, from a design point of view, it the version in which the backrest has no upholstery.

Image Credits

Alessandro D Bon

Project Overview

Push Collection Armchair has been a Golden winner in the Furniture Design award category in the year 2021 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Gold A' Design Award is granted to designs that demonstrate a high level of innovation and a significant impact on their intended audience. Recognized as a major achievement by the A' Design Awards, these designs are characterized by their visionary approach and the exceptional skill of their creators. Winners of the Gold A' Design Award are noted for their ability to push the envelope in art, science, design, and technology, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. These designs serve as benchmarks for excellence, encouraging further innovation and inspiring future generations of designers.

 Award Logo
Golden Recognition

Alessandro Morello was recognized with the coveted Golden A' Design Award in 2022, a testament to excellence of their work Push Collection Armchair.

Alessandro Morello Press Releases

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Introducing Push Collection: The Sustainable and Modular Armchair Design by Alessandro Morello

Alessandro Morello's Push Collection is a sustainable and modular armchair design that redefines minimalism and functionality, offering a conscious and environmentally friendly seating solution. The project, which began in October 2019 and concluded in March 2021 in Padova, Italy, has been recognized with the prestigious Golden A' Design Award in 2022.

Alessandro Morello Newsroom

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