Wine Glass

Wine Glass for Saara Korppi

The 30s Wine Glass by Saara Korppi is particularly designed for white wine, but it can also be used for other beverages, too. It has been made in a hot shop using old glass blowing techniques, which means every piece is unique. Saara’s goal is to design high quality glass that looks interesting from all angles and, when filled with liquid, allows light to reflect from different angles adding extra enjoyment to drinking. Her inspiration for the 30s Wine Glass comes from her previous 30s Cognac Glass design, both products sharing the shape of the cup and playfulness.

Saara Korppi 2020 Professional Silver Press Kit № 99428

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30s by Saara Korppi
30s by Saara Korppi

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Wine Glass by Saara Korppi
Wine Glass by Saara Korppi

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Saara Korppi 30s
Saara Korppi 30s

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Saara Korppi Wine Glass
Saara Korppi Wine Glass

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Saara Korppi Designer Portrait Photo
Saara Korppi Designer Portrait Photo

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Saara KorppiBrand Logo
Saara KorppiBrand Logo

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Design Interviews
Saara Korppi Interview

Media Resource: Tap into our exclusive interview with Saara Korppi, approx. 1022 words, free for article integration. Download your copy now. Access Saara Korppi Interview Now.

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30s Wine Glass Press Releases

For 30s , find press releases in a variety of languages: English.

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30s Wine Glass Translations

Excited to make 30s accessible in many languages through our translations: Wynglas AF, Gota E Verës SQ, የወይን መስታወት AM, كأس النبيذ AR, Գինու Բաժակ HY, Şərab Şüşəsi AZ, Ardo Edalontzia EU, Келіх BE, ওয়াইন গ্লাস BN, Čaša Za Vino BS, Чашата За Вино BG, ဝိုင်ဖန် MY, El Got De Vi CA, Kapu Ya Vinyo NY, 酒杯 ZH, U Bicchiere Di Vinu CO, Čaša Za Vino HR, Sklenice Na Víno CS, Vinglas DA, Wijnglas NL, Vino-Glaso EO, Veiniklaas ET, Viinilasi FI, Le Verre À Vin FR, Copa De Viño GL, ღვინის ჭიქა KA, Weinglas DE, Το Ποτήρι Κρασί EL, વાઇન ગ્લાસ GU, Vè Diven HT, Gilashin Giya HA, כוס יין HE, वाइन ग्लास HI, Borospohár HU, Gelas Anggur ID, Gloine Fíona GA, Mmanya Mmanya IG, Vínglas IS, Il Bicchiere Di Vino IT, ワイングラス JA, Kaca Anggur JV, ವೈನ್ ಗ್ಲಾಸ್ KN, Шарап Әйнегі KK, កែវស្រា KM, Ikirahure Cya Divayi RW, Шарап Айнек KY, 와인 잔 KO, Sêvê Şerab KU, Vino Speculum LA, Wäinglas LB, ແກ້ວເຫລົ້າ LO, Vyno Taurė LT, Vīna Glāze LV, Чаша За Вино MK, Ny Fitaratra Misy Divay MG, Gelas Wain MS, വൈൻ ഗ്ലാസ് ML, Tazza Tal-Inbid MT, Karaihe Waina MI, वाईन ग्लास MR, Дарсны Шил MN, वाइन गिलास NE, Vinglass NO, ମଦ ଗ୍ଲାସ OR, ਵਾਈਨ ਗਲਾਸ PA, شیشه شراب FA, Kieliszek Do Wina PL, د شرابو ګلاس PS, Copo De Vinho PT, Paharul De Vin RO, Бокал Для Вина RU, شراب جو گلاس SD, Uaina Tioata SM, Чаша Вина SR, Tha Glainne Fìon GD, Girazi Rewaini SN, වයින් වීදුරුව SI, Poháre Na Víno SK, Vinski Kozarec SL, Galaas Khamri SO, Khalase Ea Veine ST, Copa De Vino ES, Gelas Anggur SU, Glasi Ya Divai SW, Vinglas SV, ஒயின் கிளாஸ் TA, వైన్ గ్లాస్ TE, Шиша Шароб TG, แก้วไวน์ TH, Çakyr Aýna TK, Ang Baso Ng Alak TL, Şarap Kadehi TR, Шәраб Пыяла TT, ئۈزۈم ھارىقى UG, Бокал Для Вина UK, شراب گلاس UR, Sharob Stakan UZ, Ly Rượu VI, Gwydr Gwin CY, Wynglês FY, Iglasi Ye Wayini XH, ווייַן גלאז YI, Gilasi Waini YO, Ingilazi Yewayini ZU, 酒杯 ZY, Ang Bildo Nga Baso CEB, Ke Kīʻaha Waina HAW, Cawv Txiv Hmab Iav HMN, Wine Glass EN.

Press Kit
30s Wine Glass Media Articles

Our articles on 30s , prepared for immediate use, are offered in several languages, including Hindi, Italian, French, Portuguese, Turkish, Arabic (Standard), Japanese, Russian, Indonesian, Dutch, German, Chinese (Mandarin), Spanish, English and Korean.

Unique Properties

This wine glass is free-blown in a hot shop using old venetian glass blowing techniques and it consists of very thin glass. Due to the technique used, every glass piece is unique. The glass is easy to grab and looks interesting from every angle. The cup has two inner-blown arches forming a special flattened shape. The shape of the glass, when filled with liquid, allows light to reflect from different angles, adding a special enjoyment to drinking.


Glass, design, tradition, quality, blown glass, wine, 30s, wine glass, Finnish design

Production Technology

Used material is glass. This is free-blown in a hot-shop in the glass studio.

Design Challenge

Designing glass that looks interesting at 360 degrees combined with venetian glass blowing skills is truly challenging. Further, it is demanding to create a glass that when filled with liquid will emphasize the shape of the glass and reflect light beautifully. These wine glasses require a high level of glass blowing skills. At the beginning, the most difficult part in terms of technique was to make well-proportioned glasses with the right timing and in collaboration with an assistant. Finally, I found the right way to produce them.

Project Duration

The project started in 2017 in Osterbybruk, Sweden. The production has continued in Helsinki until today. The first products were exhibited in Ikkunagalleria Hytti in June 2017 in Helsinki. Besides that, they have been exhibited in the Venice Glass Week 2019, in Helsinki in 2019 and in the Finnish Glass Museum in 2020.

Operation Flow

This object is particularly meant for drinking white wine, but it can also be used for drinking water or other beverages. The recommended maximum liquid level lies just above the inner arch, bringing out the best drinking experience. The curves offer another perfect place to grab the glass and sniffing the scent of the drink while observing the reflections of the liquid from all angles. The glass can be washed in the dishwasher.


I made these wine glasses with passion, using old venetian glass blowing techniques. The goal of my research has been to improve the taste of the drink by improving the functionality, shape and reflection of the glass containing the liquid. It took a long time to find the right working method. By mastering the glass blowing techniques and processes I have managed to create the 30s glass series and to continue it by this new item.


My goal is to design and make high quality handmade glassware that looks interesting from all angles and creates new experiences for the user. My inspiration comes from the Finnish nature, especially from the element of water. I am inspired by water in all its forms - liquid, steam and ice. Both water and glass reflect light and shapes in interesting ways. The base design reflects the interplay of water and glass. The inspiration comes from my previous 30s Cognac Glass design. This item belongs to the same glass series as it shares the same inspiration and shape of the cup.

Image Credits

Image #1 : Photographer Henni Hyvärinen Image #2 : Photographer Henni Hyvärinen Image #3 : Photographer Henni Hyvärinen Image #4 : Photographer Henni Hyvärinen Image #5 : Photographer Henni Hyvärinen

Project Overview

30s Wine Glass has been a Silver winner in the Bakeware, Tableware, Drinkware and Cookware Design award category in the year 2019 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Silver A' Design Award celebrates top-tier designs that embody excellence and innovation. This award acknowledges creations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, reflecting the designer's deep understanding and skill. Silver A' Design Award recipients are recognized for their contribution to raising industry standards and advancing the practice of design. Their work often incorporates original innovations and elicits a strong emotional response, making a notable impact on the improvement of everyday life.

Saara Korppi Designer Portrait Photo Award Logo
Silver Recognition

Saara Korppi was recognized with the coveted Silver A' Design Award in 2020, a testament to excellence of their work 30s Wine Glass.

Saara Korppi Press Releases

Our press releases on Saara Korppi and their work are made freely available for press members looking to add depth to their content. 2 press releases are now available for immediate access by journalists.

Introducing the 30s Wine Glass by Saara Korppi: A Unique Handmade Glassware Inspired by Finnish Nature

The 30s Wine Glass by Saara Korppi is a high-quality, free-blown glassware inspired by the element of water in Finnish nature, offering a unique drinking experience.

Saara Korppi Designer Portrait Photo
Saara Korppi Newsroom

Visit Saara Korppi Newsroom for an inside look at exceptional design and award-winning projects.

You are currently viewing Media Showcase № 99428. Explore Saara Korppi's newsroom for a complete collection of their award-winning work, including high-resolution images, interviews, and much more. You are exploring Press Kit / Media Showcase 99428 for 30s . More resources can be found in Newsroom 225323.

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