Valerii Sumilov Design Team Photo
Valerii Sumilov

Valerii Sumilov is an acclaimed agency based in Chisinau, Moldova. Recognized for their exceptional talent and innovative design prowess, Valerii Sumilov has been honored as the winner of Thirty Two A' Design Awards in the following categories: Packaging and Culinary Art. With a deep commitment to design excellence and a keen eye for detail, Valerii Sumilov continues to shape the future of design in Moldova and beyond.

Valerii Sumilov 2023 Agency Newsroom № 122587

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1821 Vintage Bolgrad Sparkling Wine by Valerii Sumilov
1821 Vintage Bolgrad Sparkling Wine by Valerii Sumilov

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Bolgrad Sparkling Wine by Valerii Sumilov
Bolgrad Sparkling Wine by Valerii Sumilov

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Siviano Italian Wine by Valerii Sumilov
Siviano Italian Wine by Valerii Sumilov

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Valerii Sumilov Interview

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World Design Ratings
WDR A-Rank
Master / Maestro

Valerii Sumilov is distinguished by their remarkable technical proficiency, aesthetic understanding, and creative problem-solving abilities. Their contributions to design consistently push the envelope, reflecting a commitment to excellence and a keen ability to inspire and innovate.

Candidate Grand Master
Omega-2 Provisionary Designation
Omega-2 / 7-Star (2016)
Valerii Sumilov is recognized with Omega-2 designation and 7-Star rating.

The Omega-2 Designation, 7-Star A' Design Star Rating is only granted to the very best architects, designers, and agencies that create outstanding designs, consistently, year after year.

Omega-2 Designation, 7-Star Rating is a distinction that honors those who consistently demonstrate ultimate design capabilities, creating outstanding works that resonate across the global design landscape, year after year. Recognizing the recipient's ability to deliver innovative and aesthetically superior designs continually, the Omega-2 Designation underscores a commitment to excellence that transcends ordinary expectations. It signifies the recipient's consistent contribution to setting higher benchmarks in design, affirmed by the A’ Design Star as a testament to their ongoing excellence and influence in shaping the future of design.

Valerii Sumilov's A' Design Star Achievements:

Omega-2 Rating in 2016
Omega-2 Rating in 2013
Omega-2 Rating in FDCAT
Omega-2 Rating in SP

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Tea Packaging for Bama Tea Co., Ltd

EvanChen 2022 Partnership Golden
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