Chris Slabber Designer Portrait Photo
Chris Slabber

Chris Slabber is an acclaimed professional based in Stillbay, South Africa. Recognized for their exceptional talent and innovative design prowess, Chris Slabber has been honored as the winner of Nine A' Design Awards in the following categories: Photography. With a deep commitment to design excellence and a keen eye for detail, Chris Slabber continues to shape the future of design in South Africa and beyond.

Chris Slabber 2021 Professional Newsroom № 135028

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Eons Exhibition Photography Series by Chris Slabber
Eons Exhibition Photography Series by Chris Slabber

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I am Nesia Exhibition Series by Chris Slabber
I am Nesia Exhibition Series by Chris Slabber

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Designer Interviews
Chris Slabber Interview

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Design Legends
Chris Slabber Design Legends Interview

For accredited media: Dive into our 'Design Legends' interview with Chris Slabber, freely available for your journalistic content. Access Chris Slabber Design Legends Interview Now.

Magnificent Designers
Chris Slabber Magnificent Designers Interview

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Chris Slabber Press Releases

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World Design Ratings
WDR S-Rank
Grand Master / Gran Maestro

Chris Slabber demonstrates exceptionally good technical skills, aesthetic sensitivity, and creative innovation. Their approach to design challenges is both emotionally resonant and intellectually rigorous, resulting in solutions that exceed standard expectations in design development.

Illustrious Grand Master
Omega-3 Provisionary Designation
Omega-3 / 8-Star (2018)
Chris Slabber is recognized with Omega-3 designation and 8-Star rating.

The Omega-3 Designation, 8-Star A' Design Star Rating is only granted to the truly exceptional architects, designers, and agencies that create World-class designs, repeatedly, year after year.

Omega-3 Designation, 8-Star Rating is a recognition of transcendent design capabilities, granted to those who have demonstrated a remarkable ability to create world-class designs, year after year. It acknowledges the recipient's sustained excellence and their unwavering commitment to pushing the boundaries of design. The Omega-3 Designation celebrates this remarkable journey of continuous achievement, reinforcing the recipient's role in consistently elevating the standards of design excellence. The A’ Design Star, through its annual recognition, serves as a testament to the enduring impact and innovation brought forth by these distinguished architects, designers, and agencies.

Chris Slabber's A' Design Star Achievements:

Omega-3 Rating in 2018
Omega-2 Rating in 2017
Omega-2 Rating in 2016
Omega-2 Rating in 2015

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