Purity Ring

Boutique for XingShangZhiLi

Guang Zhang hopes that the project has the spirit of brand attribute, the contradictory performance of women's charm is soft and tough. The blocks of space are twisted and intertwined, and tourists are like being in the center of flowers. By attaching to the curve, the metal retains the properties of matter while weakening the hard feeling. When people touch the clothes in front of the translucent curtain, they will find that the rough rammed earth is growing quietly under the curtain.

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Purity Ring by GUANG ZHANG
Purity Ring by GUANG ZHANG

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Boutique by GUANG ZHANG
Boutique by GUANG ZHANG

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XingShangZhiLiBrand Logo
XingShangZhiLiBrand Logo

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Unique Properties

Considering the normal appearance of the stores around the mall, the designer hopes that the eyes of the crowd can quickly attract the stores, so a large area of glass is used to make the metal petals in the space unfold like a theater. Deconstructed metal petals. The white curtain and the rammed earth behind it form a vague indoor and outdoor atmosphere under the sky, which makes communication area have an open feeling.


interior,deconstructionism,commercial space

Production Technology

The designer repeatedly adjusted with the stainless steel manufacturer through manual model and computer drawing, and communicated with the master in the factory for many times in terms of shape and paint surface to achieve the sense of deconstruction but not sharp space. This is also due to the cooperation with the workers on the site. The different proportions of metal blocks in the air and landing in the corridor also directly affect the atmosphere people feel in the space.

Design Challenge

The biggest challenge comes from the fact that space takes the form of deconstruction but is not aggressive. We need to use hard materials to express the soft spirit. The soft body and hard appearance match each other. Therefore, the designer made many adjustments at the construction site to make the scale of each block extending into the space suitable for the atmosphere to be expressed.

Project Duration

The project started in July 2021 in ShenZhen and finished in October 2022 in ShenZhen

Operation Flow

According to the positioning of the product and the shopping habits of local people, GuangZhang shrink the waiting and cash register into a circle through a curve, and naturally have a dialogue with the salesperson to build trust when the partners are waiting for customers to change clothes. The customer's locker room is designed on the steps at the end of the space, and the waiting seats are designed in the form of a T-shaped platform. The customer walks down the steps with new clothes, and emerges from the corner of the clothes,Space forms a complete experience.


The designer has continuously observed the status of customers who have purchased goods and their attitudes towards the products for a period of time, connecting customers and brands with space and promoting purchase behavior are the core issues considered by the project.


The project is inspired by the brand spirit "Gentle and Tough"and the inspiration of shape comes from flowers. The designer hopes to create a space with brand spirit by deconstructing and adding new materials. When customers walk into the space, they have not only the sense of security wrapped by petals, but also the new sense of experience formed after the body is reorganized and endowed with hard metal materials, which makes customers have stronger emotional connection with the brand.

Image Credits

Image #1: Photographer Zhao Liang Tan Image others: Photographer Ou Yang Yun

Project Overview

Purity Ring Boutique has been a Silver winner in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design award category in the year 2022 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Silver A' Design Award celebrates top-tier designs that embody excellence and innovation. This award acknowledges creations that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also highly functional, reflecting the designer's deep understanding and skill. Silver A' Design Award recipients are recognized for their contribution to raising industry standards and advancing the practice of design. Their work often incorporates original innovations and elicits a strong emotional response, making a notable impact on the improvement of everyday life.

 Award Logo
Silver Recognition

GUANG ZHANG was recognized with the coveted Silver A' Design Award in 2023, a testament to excellence of their work Purity Ring Boutique.

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Purity Ring: A Unique Boutique Design by GUANG ZHANG

GUANG ZHANG unveils Purity Ring, a boutique design project inspired by the brand's "Gentle and Tough" spirit, featuring deconstructed metal petals and a captivating indoor-outdoor atmosphere.


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