Wrist Watch
XS Horizon

Wrist Watch for ZIIIRO

The XS Horizon watch employs a different approach to show time and was created to introduce a smaller unisex version to the collection. To visualize the present moment and distinguish the past from the future, the watch uses a line moving through time space. The past is depicted with a color shade that gradually fades away as it deviates from the present, while the future is represented by darkness. The aim of the project was to create a range of compact wrist watches suitable for all genders.

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XS Horizon by Dabi Robert
XS Horizon by Dabi Robert

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Wrist Watch by Dabi Robert
Wrist Watch by Dabi Robert

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Dabi Robert XS Horizon
Dabi Robert XS Horizon

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Dabi Robert Wrist Watch
Dabi Robert Wrist Watch

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Dabi Robert Designer Portrait Photo
Dabi Robert Designer Portrait Photo

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ZIIIROBrand Logo
ZIIIROBrand Logo

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XS Horizon Wrist Watch Translations

Translations of XS Horizon are ready for you in an array of languages: Wrist Watch EN, Polshorlosie AF, Ora E Dorës SQ, የእጅ ሰዓት የእጅ AM, ساعة المعصم AR, Ձեռքի Ժամացույցը HY, Qol Saatı AZ, Eskumuturreko Erlojua EU, Наручны Гадзіннік BE, কব্জি ঘড়ি BN, Ručni Sat BS, Ръчният Часовник BG, လက်ပတ်နာရီ MY, El Rellotge De Polsera CA, Relo Sa Pulso CEB, Wotchi Yapamanja NY, 手錶 ZY, 手表 ZH, Orologio Da Polso CO, Ručni Sat HR, Náramkové Hodinky CS, Armbåndsur DA, Polshorloge NL, Pojnhorloĝo EO, Käekell ET, Rannekello FI, Montre-Bracelet FR, Uaireadair A Th’ Ann An Uaireadair Caol GD, O Reloxo De Pulso GL, მაჯის საათი KA, Armbanduhr DE, Το Ρολόι Χειρός EL, કાંડા ઘડિયાળ GU, Mont Ponyèt HT, Agogon Wuyan Hannu HA, Wati Lima HAW, שעון יד HE, कलाई घड़ी HI, Dab Teg Saib HMN, Karóra HU, Armbandsúr IS, Elekere Nkwojiaka IG, Jam Tangan ID, Faire Wrist GA, L'orologio Da Polso IT, 腕時計 JA, Jam Tangan JV, ಮಣಿಕಟ್ಟಿನ ಗಡಿಯಾರ KN, Қол Сағаты KK, នាឡិកាដៃ KM, Isaha Y'intoki RW, 손목시계는 KO, Saeta Destan KU, Кол Саат KY, Wrist Watch LO, Carpi Vigilia LA, Rokas Pulkstenis LV, Rankinis Laikrodis LT, Armbanduhr LB, Рачниот Часовник MK, Famantaranandro MG, Jam Tangan MS, റിസ്റ്റ് വാച്ച് ML, Arloġġ Tal-Polz MT, Momo MI, मनगटी घड्याळ MR, Бугуйн Цаг MN, नाडी घडी NE, Armbåndsur NO, ହାତଗୋଡ ଘଣ୍ଟା OR, لاسي ساعت PS, ساعت مچی FA, Zegarek Na Rękę PL, Relógio De Pulso PT, ਗੁੱਟ ਘੜੀ PA, Ceasul De Mână RO, Наручные Часы RU, Uati Tapulima SM, Ручни Сат SR, Wrist Watch SN, کلائي واچ SD, අත් ඔරලෝසුව SI, Náramkové Hodinky SK, Zapestna Ura SL, Saacada Gacanta SO, Oache Ea Letsoho ST, Reloj De Pulsera ES, Arloji Pigeulang SU, Saa Ya Mkono SW, Armbandsur SV, Wrist Watch TL, Соатҳои Дастӣ TG, கைக்கடிகாரம் TA, Беләк Сәгате TT, చేతి గడియారం TE, นาฬิกาข้อมือ TH, Kol Saati TR, Bilek Sagady TK, Наручний Годинник UK, کلائی گھڑی UR, قول سائەت UG, Qoʻl Soati UZ, Đồng Hồ Đeo Tay VI, Oriawr Yw Oriawr Arddwrn CY, Polshorloazje FY, Iwotshi Yesihlahla XH, האַנטגעלענק וואַך YI, Aago Ọwọ YO, Iwashi Lesihlakala ZU, expanding accessibility.

Press Kit
XS Horizon Wrist Watch Media Articles

Leverage our ready-to-publish articles on XS Horizon, offered in a range of languages: Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, German, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Turkish, Korean, Indonesian, Arabic (Standard), Japanese, Russian, English, Italian and Spanish.

Unique Properties

The XS Horizon is a unique wrist watch that offers a smaller unisex size to the brand's lineup. The watch uses a sharp line moving through time space to visualize the present moment while separating the past and future. The past is represented with a shade of color that fades into oblivion as it diverges from the present, while darkness symbolizes the unknown future.


watch, wrist watch, ziiiro, time, xs, disc, horizon

Production Technology

Instead of using hands, the Japanese Miyota quartz movement drives two transparent synthetic discs, which are printed with multiple layers each. The order and opacity of each layer is important to ensure that the gradients are readable with every alignment. The watch casing and strap are made of 316l stainless steel, and pvd color is used for the rose gold and black models. Additionally, the strap features a quick change mechanism at the spring bar.

Design Challenge

Over the years, the brand often received the customer feedback that there is demand for a smaller watch. So Robert designed a new casing that is just three quarters the size of all our existing casings. The design is oriented at one of their best selling models, with a refined and flatter appearance. He also developed a new concept for the watch face, which resembles one of the existing models a little bit, but works different technically. For this new dial design, it was necessary to experiment with printing. Not only finding the right Pantone color hues, but also the right order of printing the layers and opacity.

Project Duration

The project started in 2022 in Germany & Hong Kong. It took about half a year until we could finalize the product. It was soft-launched in our own shop im March 2023.

Operation Flow

Time can be set by pulling out and turning the crown. Time is indicated by two gradients: the one with the solid line shows the minutes, the other one underneath shows hours. To keep the visual appearance minimal, there are no markers. Setting the current time is done like on any traditional watch by turning the crown until the hour and minute hand reach the correct position. The watch strap can be easily removed and replaced by pulling the little lever to the side. The battery has a lifespan of about 2 years and can be replaced by twisting the case back counter clockwise.


The brand ZIIIRO is all about unique ways of telling the time. We are aware that the purpose of a traditional wrist watch has evolved from time teller into a status symbol or accessory for expressing one's personality and fashion style. In order to figure out the fashion part, we exhibited at the Berlin fashion week 4 times, where we could get feedback from all over the world. After additional market research by making polls and looking at our customer base, we discovered that a large portion of our fans is affiliated to the creative industry. Since being creative is our credo, it shows that we are doing something right.


The aim of the project was to create a range of compact wrist watches suitable for all genders and specifically anyone who desires a smaller watch. The dial design was inspired by an existing model using a disc and a regular hand, but for this version, it was modified to a new concept featuring two gradient-filled discs. This design not only aligns with the concept of past, present, and future but also produces a more uniform appearance.

Image Credits

Robert Dabi

Project Overview

XS Horizon Wrist Watch has been a Golden winner in the Watch Design award category in the year 2022 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Gold A' Design Award is granted to designs that demonstrate a high level of innovation and a significant impact on their intended audience. Recognized as a major achievement by the A' Design Awards, these designs are characterized by their visionary approach and the exceptional skill of their creators. Winners of the Gold A' Design Award are noted for their ability to push the envelope in art, science, design, and technology, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. These designs serve as benchmarks for excellence, encouraging further innovation and inspiring future generations of designers.

Dabi Robert Designer Portrait Photo Award Logo
Golden Recognition

Dabi Robert was recognized with the coveted Golden A' Design Award in 2023, a testament to excellence of their work XS Horizon Wrist Watch.

Dabi Robert Press Releases

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Dabi Robert Designer Portrait Photo
Dabi Robert Newsroom

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You are currently viewing Media Showcase № 151219. Navigate Dabi Robert's newsroom for a curated selection of their award-winning work, enriched with high-quality media and valuable insights. This is Press Kit / Media Showcase 151219 featuring the XS Horizon. For more in-depth materials, see Newsroom 275289.

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