4000 Light

Restaurant for YINI Design

4000 Light Restaurant is vegetarian restaurant that operates plateau ingredient and serves young fashionable people. The designer uses light and shade as space element, breaking the boundary of people and space with material being regarded as the dividing line. The YINI IP interaction technology with its own intellectual property is used to create an impressive sense of spatial experience, so that users can feel the integration and interaction between themselves and the surrounding environment.

niandi xu 2020 Professional Golden Press Kit № 90974

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4000 Light by niandi xu
4000 Light by niandi xu

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Restaurant  by niandi xu
Restaurant by niandi xu

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niandi xu 4000 Light
niandi xu 4000 Light

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niandi xu Restaurant
niandi xu Restaurant

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niandi xu Designer Portrait Photo
niandi xu Designer Portrait Photo

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YINI DesignBrand Logo
YINI DesignBrand Logo

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Unique Properties

This project is a fashionable hot pot restaurant serving young people. The designer chose light as the core design element, using the different light sources and a large number of specular reflection materials to create light reflection and refraction effects on the carefully designed surface shape, combined with its own property rights of YINI IP image interaction technology to create vivid visual changes and let clients experience a very novel space experience.


Interior design, creative design, the future of fashion, avant-garde art, parallel world, cool space, cool hot pot

Production Technology

Firstly, this project has three visual focus on the space design, applying the design elements of light and shade to form the spatial characteristics of the project.They are respectively art hall,wormhole and time channel. Secondly, the restaurant business indicators are as follows, number of meals: 255; kitchen area: 14%. Thirdly, ambient air index: the emission standard after soot purification is less than 1.0mg/m3, and the space air volume is updated by 100000m3/h.

Design Challenge

In this project, light and shade are used as space construction elements. How to balance and integrate light and shade technology with artistic effects is the challenge of this project. Take the "wormhole" as an example. It is technically necessary to control the rendering effect of the projected picture on the curved wall. In terms of art, it is necessary to consider the production of image content, so as to create a strong and attractive interaction effect between the experiencer and the image.

Project Duration

Project Location: Taiguli Business District, Xiadong Avenue Section, Dongdajie, Jinjiang District, Chengdu Project Duration: The project design started in June 2018. From August 2018 to March 2019, the decoration and construction began.

Operation Flow

In space design, the relationship between man and art is one-way most of the time. The designer of the project breaks through the barrier of constructing space with building materials as the main body, and introduces light and shade as the space construction elements, breaking the boundary between human and space materials to let a person's behavior affect visual changes of the entire space and allow users to experience the integration and interaction of the self and the surrounding environment.


Restaurant design Interaction between people and space Design and construction of special-shaped wall structure Process research on special shape, curve and specular reflection Study on the reflection effect of mirror material and lacquer material Digital projection and human interaction Effect control of digital projection on curved walls.


Light and shade in the space and interaction between light and people are inspiration of the project. The designer conducted an in-depth research on the process of special shape, curve and specular reflection, spent time studying digital image projection technology, and developed YINI IP image interaction technology. Unique visual effect and highly personalized interactive experience can be created in the business space with small cost to let client have a new spatial experience when they arrive

Image Credits

Shoot by Zhao Junwei on 26 March, 2019

Project Overview

4000 Light Restaurant has been a Golden winner in the Interior Space and Exhibition Design award category in the year 2019 organized by the prestigious A' Design Award & Competition. The Gold A' Design Award is granted to designs that demonstrate a high level of innovation and a significant impact on their intended audience. Recognized as a major achievement by the A' Design Awards, these designs are characterized by their visionary approach and the exceptional skill of their creators. Winners of the Gold A' Design Award are noted for their ability to push the envelope in art, science, design, and technology, delivering solutions that not only meet but exceed expectations. These designs serve as benchmarks for excellence, encouraging further innovation and inspiring future generations of designers.

niandi xu Designer Portrait Photo Award Logo
Golden Recognition

niandi xu was recognized with the coveted Golden A' Design Award in 2020, a testament to excellence of their work 4000 Light Restaurant .

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4000 Light Restaurant Redefines Dining Experience with Innovative Design

niandi xu's YINI Design team unveils a groundbreaking project, 4000 Light, a futuristic hot pot restaurant in Taiguli Business District, Chengdu, China, combining avant-garde art and interactive technology to revolutionize the dining experience.

niandi xu Designer Portrait Photo
niandi xu Newsroom

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